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With more than 25 years in marketing, business development, and public relations, Collective Seven founder Michael Todd Smith has been fortunate to work with an amazing list of clients, from heads of state and top CEO's to brands like American Express and Starbucks. With our newest venture SPARKVertical we’ll be focusing on a select few franchises and taking them to an entirely new level with our complete suite of services; from growth strategy, increasing productivity, marketing, and advertising management services, just to name a few.

We can elevate your business to increase traffic and profits exponentially.

We understand that each franchisee’s market is vastly different from other territories across the nation, or even the one next door. At Collective Seven and SPARKVertical, we leverage proprietary research on your brand to design a comprehensive portfolio of services that we can specifically tailor for each individual franchisee.

Regardless of your franchise location or size, we will generate real results that will help maximize your business potential.

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We’ve worked with Michael Smith and his team at the Collective Seven Agency over the past few years now and could not be happier with their work. From the initial strategy, our new website, and social media presence, to being sure clients found us online in searches, they set everything up and allow me to have an outsourced design and marketing company without the overhead. As a business owner, I love that the phone rings off the hook and we are very excited to have them on our team!
— Ken "Rico" Smith, Rico's Auto Buff

At Collective Seven we don’t work with hundreds of different brands – we work with a select few that we get to know really, really well.

We know and love our franchise partners and are really excited about everything we’ve learned working directly with the owners to help grow their businesses. We dive deep in our research of the brands we work with, their local marketplaces, and have tested our work over and over again to learn what brings each franchisee owner the best results.

We offer you efficient, cost effective localized marketing programs to boost your search results and generate real business. In addition, we can not only dramatically cut your advertising spend but will get you more customers.

From strategy, marketing, and advertising to website design and business development, we provide turnkey solutions for your business with a dedicated team and one point of contact. You choose the level of marketing support that works best for you.

A Few of our franchise partners


Collective Seven knows franchise marketing.

Collective Seven and our new company SparkVertical bridge the gap by making it easier for consumers in need of your services to find you on the local level-- and we do it without snowing you with technical mumbo jumbo or selling you outdated SEO services you don’t need. Every franchise location is different; there’s no sense in generating leads that don’t apply to your franchise location, especially if those leads cost you more than the sale is worth. We’ll help put the right street-level marketing strategy in place to generate the calls you need to remain competitive and profitable.

Any national franchisor website, advertising, and marketing campaign, by nature, has to be all things to all people; but the Pacific Northwest market is vastly different to the Miami, New York or Austin demographics and markets. Often times, the national franchisor and local franchisee are not sure where to start when developing the most cost effective marketing and advertising strategies that work at national, regional and local levels. That’s where we come in.

We help the local franchisee to get more customers in the door and the national brand to sell more franchises.

In addition to business development strategies, our research, creative, and marketing processes allow us to create highly converting local and national brand awareness, advertising, and marketing campaigns that cost-effectively integrate and seamlessly align with the national franchisor brand guidelines.

Collective Seven identifies ways your national ad spend and the franchisee local advertising can work together more effectively.

A small preview of our services

customer service

Our top-tier customer service and prompt response to your inquiries set us apart from every other agency. We’re there when you need us.

Search Engine Optimization

Our digital team will optimize your web presence across the top search engines so your clients can easily find you ahead of the competition.


Most franchisees are paying for advertising that doesn’t apply to their business specialties or even their geographic region. Each franchisee is different, so we optimize and manage everything associated with advertising campaigns to generate real results while dramatically reducing your monthly ad spend. With our deep experience, Collective Seven is able to better target searches that generate qualified leads.

Social media marketing management

We increase your franchise’s regional brand awareness and get you in front of the right customers. We can take care of everything, from strategy and branding to content creation and management.

Reputation Monitoring and Management

We help you to generate customer reviews and testimonials and buffer your business from bad reviews of franchisees in other markets. Our experts will create, update, and manage all of your social profiles and will manage, respond to, and help you resolve poor reviews from clients.

website design and development

We create custom solutions that turn “website hits” into paying customers, including local franchise microsites and multi-location platforms, each with steadily updated content, social extensions, and easy-to-read engagement analytics.

consulting and Business development

We can help you create a localized strategy and a manageable program to achieve steady and sustainable growth. This marketing shift may also uncover additional revenue streams. If needed, we can teach effective marketing techniques to your crew, staff, and executives – these days, everyone is on the sales front lines.


Engage your audience and position your team as local experts on topics of interest to potential customers. Distribute your content via email marketing, blogs, newsletters, and community outreach campaigns.

Media buying, Production, and Management

We can design, produce, negotiate, and manage a consistent and integrated portfolio of digital, radio, TV, outdoor, and transit advertising.

custom Graphic design and Print services

We create custom designs for all of your postcards, brochures, door hangers, tradeshow displays and more, and can handle all of your printing needs for much less than you’re probably paying now.


  • National Ad Fund management

  • Integrated National + Local strategies

  • Cross-platform campaign development

Photography and Videography

Our production network provides award-winning, professional photography, and videography services.

Replace stock photos with original images of your office team and technicians working in the field.


American Leak Detection of Western Washington

American Leak Detection of Western Washington
Portrait of Emily Gause, produced by Collective Seven.

American Leak Detection™ is a nationally trusted and recognized leak detection company. With our comprehensive field knowledge and industry-leading technology, we provide accurate, non-invasive leak detection, which can find everything from pinhole leaks in pipes to water intrusion. Our expertly trained technicians go through one of the most rigorous programs in the industry for seamless workmanship. Additionally, we continuously research and develop our technology to better streamline leak detection without any destruction. We’re licensed, bonded and insured to provide you and your property with the utmost protection.

American Leak Detection Northwest has been serving residential and commercial clients throughout all of Western Washington since 1993.

Since American Leak Detection Northwest hired Michael and his Collective Seven team, we enjoyed a 35.8% jump in sales (April 2019 compared to April 2018) and 2019 is on track for a 20% increase in revenue from last year. Michael is highly professional, personable, and responsive. His work ethic, passion, and drive to make our company successful definitely shows with his product. On behalf of American Leak Detection Northwest and myself, I highly recommend Michael and Collective Seven.
— Ryan Llaneza, American Leak Detection Northwest



At Experimac, we provide service, upgrades and sales of premium Apple® products without the premium price.

Since 2012, our focus on providing outstanding customer service in every community has stayed the same. From Houston and Atlanta to Seattle, Cape Town and Sydney, the Experimac brand is reaching all corners of the globe with no signs of slowing. If there is not an Experimac in your community, it is only a matter of time. If you have an Experimac nearby, stop in and get to know your local Mac® hero today while checking out an impressive selection of affordably priced Apple products.

Supporting Strategies


Since 2004, growing businesses have counted on Supporting Strategies for expert bookkeeping services and operational support. We give you the support you need, when you need it, at a price you can afford.

David Knox, Managing Director of the Supporting Strategies | South Seattle team is a seasoned finance executive with years of experience managing global accounting operations with complex financial accounting systems. Starting his finance career with seven years at the big four public accounting firm KPMG, David transitioned into industry and gained significant experience in corporate tax compliance and planning. He then worked as a Corporate Controller with large international manufacturing companies.

David uses his expertise to assist businesses in resolving complex issues that include cost reduction, development of key performance indicators, implementation of integrated financial systems, accounting process improvements, budgeting and cash forecasting.

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